Strategies For Balancing Business And Family

HI, I’m Charles Scoville, and as you may know, at the time of this writing, I am a single parent. As the owner and operator of Traffic Monsoon, you can imagine the stresses that could be placed upon me on a daily basis – that’s why it is imperative that I learn how to balance business and family – everything must be in harmony in order to stay within balance. Keep reading to hear some of my thoughts on this subject…

The first step in maintaining a healthy and productive balance between work and family is recognizing that there is a need for one. Without that balance, neither your work nor family life is going to be as healthy or productive as they could be. The conundrum here is that you work for your family that you cannot be with while you work, and this will take its toll, especially if you put in 60 or 70 hour work weeks. As a small business owner, this can easily be resolved by getting your family as involved with the business as you can.

Another way you can balance this out is to be more productive while you are at work. We would all like to think that our time management skills are up to par, but that isn’t always the case. Look at what you do, how you do it, how long it takes and see if you can find room for improvement. Be honest with yourself. Your family can even help with this. Have everyone sit down over dinner together and discuss the issue. What better way to balance work and family than to get your family involved with this aspect of your work?

People call that having a support network. It may be internal, your family, but it’s still important to have. It’s also important to have an external support network. This may be your business that you built from the ground up, but that does not mean that you cannot ask for help from time to time. This helps to alleviate the burden that you may feel when you think that you have to do it all. Not only does this help with the issue of time, spending more time than you need to at work, but having other people to support you in whatever way you need might also bring fresh ideas to the table. If you want your business to grow, you always need new ideas from time to time. Especially those that help with time management.

There is also nothing wrong with lowering your standards where it is beneficial. The quality of what you do should not be compromised, but you can still pare things down to where your own standards are being adhered to, and not anyone else’s. We’re talking about things like the hours you put in to get a job done. Some clients think that putting a lot of hours into a project is the only way that project can be accomplished to their specifications. This isn’t always the case if your time management skills are above average. You don’t want to short-change your family time for something like this.

Maybe the most effective strategy in making sure that you strike a balance between your business and your family is this: Put as much focus on your family when you do spend time with them, as you do with your work. Since they are equally important, an equal amount of focus and time should be put on both. There are times when this cannot be done, but you need to try to keep those times at a minimum. This is what makes the time you spend on both, quality time. Enough cannot be said about the importance of this subject as it all comes down to keeping your perspective clear. Always remember who it is you are really working for.