Allan Endresz – The Man Behind The EzyBonds Scam

Reputation precedes Allen Endresz. Don’t believe us? Just search the web. He’s a master of the scam – and anyone having any involvement in businesses that may have been, are, or will be associated with any payment gateways that are associated with this man are doing themselves a disservice to not read this article. We’ll begin, with a brief story of Charles Scoville and how he came into unfortunate contact with Allen Endresz.

Charles Scoville, owner and operator of AdHitProfits, and now Traffic Monsoon, utilized the “Ezybonds” payment system at one point in time. Simply put, Ezybonds was a regional payment gateway that allowed for the receipt and disbursement of funds. This is the same type of service as Paypal. Charles Scoville actually utilized his account to receive funds from clients, and to disperse payments to clients.

As outlined in an article by the “The Border Mail”

Over 400,000 USD of Charles Scoville’s clients money was illegally seized by Allen Endresz. Allen attempted to cover up his activity under the guise that Charles himself was responsible for operating illegal services. Unfortunately for Allen, this allegation holds zero weight, as should the authorities have stepped in to “seize” money, as Allen claims (which Allen himself has zero authority to act on such claims), then why would it be that Allen wound up with the funds and not disburse funds to the claimed victims? In addition to the article on Border Mail, one should consider reading this post:

as part of performing their due-diligence. It is also great to raise awareness for the types of scams that go on in these industries, so you as a consumer can protect yourself.